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Staff just killed my gig

So I created few gigs last year not having alot of success i put my account on pause. THis january i resumed and out from nowhere i had 4 clients, all good and great. Untill february i already had a good stream of orders and nice projects.

But as i went more and more my clients became in need of general stuff instead of niche services, also a bit higher on the price.
So my first instinct was to make a general gig covering all their needs, and there i had my first NICHE MARKET. YEY!

All good and well, orders came flowing, and shortly after made lvl 1 and starting to hope hitting lvl 2 in the next two months.

What went wrong, so my gig is covering animation services, GENERAL animation services, as in i can do alot of stuff not just one. So at the start i added it to the other category because it is not having it’s place anywhere. About a week ago my gig was moved to Editing and Postprocessing. Since than my trafic went down from 30-40 clicks/day to 1-2…

Nobody answered my questions on why and just like that i’m out of most clients in the planned targeted niche.
I requested answers and made a ticket, but if I speculate right I think the staff do not allow general gigs and in the worst case scenario I will have a big shaddow ban on my back if i go on with the requests and tickets.

Any opinions on how i should proceed next?

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You could try to edit the category of the gig and place in back in the category it was in initially. I’m guessing who ever was reviewing the gig felt it would do better in the new category.

Ohhh Sorry for The Trouble … LOL

I see your gig on Video & Animation / Editing & Post Production

Where you able to move it?

Your gig looks fine to me. Expensive, but what do I know? Some sellers like having expensive gigs to make real money when they get an order, vs. hoping for lots of small orders to make $50 or $100.

If you don’t need the money, charge whatever you want, then lower prices if you’re getting bored because nobody’s ordering. If people are paying you $70, $150 and $300, then keep it that way.

Kudos for delivering in 3 days.

I cannot move it after it was published. I am still waiting response from support.

@fastcopywriter i started with 30,50 and 70 but the volume of work was way too high so i raised the prices untill i had the flow i wanted, balanced.


Then your approach is perfect. I hope CS helps you with this issue.

No one wants to help, the staff admited that my gig is too general. So they moved it on purpose, also they ignore me most of the time.
The response from the ticket was not good, they said to solve it with the staff.

So I am in the wild west.

I’m sorry to hear that. I’m lucky most of my gigs are super specific. Of course, sometimes it’s hard to find the category you want.

You could make some more gigs so they would be more specific and in the categories you choose. ie. you could split that gig into multiple more specific gigs (eg. based on the examples shown in the gig description). You would also have more control over pricing and delivery times…

Did that. But i have to take it from scratch now and grow my gigs with buyers request, the one that the staff moved did this before, I was starting to use it as a hook gig and send the clients on other gigs, but now my hook is not returning any clients no more…

I talked with support and the staff and apparently support cannot do anything in this situation and the staff curators , solely, are deciding which is which and how things should work aaaand mediate this kind of issues…they are the judges and the executors… decentralised management sux.