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Stand out with personal offers!


As a (New) seller and buyer I have found something that put me off quite fast as a buyer so I thought of sharing my thoughts about it!

I’ve noticed the most random offers to a past buyer request I did, so I did a little test within my next buyer request:

I have requested a logo with my name and a turtle. So far I have 49 Offers on my logo request. I found out rarely anyone actually read my request.
How I did? In my description I asked if the people could write “Turtles are cool” in the beginning of their offer, so I knew they cared enough to read through my request.
In total of the 49 offers and counting only 2 of them have passed my test, while plenty of people said “read the requirements” while it means they actually didn’t at all. I found this quite worrying and impersonal.

So my tip for everyone is, be personal with your requests, it’s important to some people. So don’t copy paste, even though it might take a bit longer. Because people will know it is a copy paste.

Make your offers personal so you stand out from the crowd because if it works for me to prefer those, others might do too

Much love from me!


That is a really good point.


Thanks for sharing your feelings. It will be very helpful for a new seller


absolutely right … thank you for your kind of information it’s really very helpful.:grinning:


That’s a great tip, I’ll consider to my custom offers. Thank you!

I prefer not to trick sellers. If someone is excited about my project, they will let me know. They might write “OMG I love tutles! I would love to do this.” Might write more than that.

I keep it short, I just want to copy and paste my responses, and add one or two words.


They don’t read; they just post copy and paste responses, as many as possible.

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Good to know. Thanks for taking the time to educate us!

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Thank you for this amazing tip…


I am quite slow when it comes to sending offers in buyer request but I don’t regret it because I get contacted by buyers often.

I remember one time the buyer asked to write what’s written on the image to be mentioned with the offer. I was quite late sending my offer since in my category offers are sent really fast and in minutes you can see 30 offers or so. Even though I was late, I still got a reply back and got the order. Which was nice!

But most often I think some buyers prefer the person who replies fast so making sellers trying to sent offers faster leading to the trend of sending template.


It makes sense. If people don’t care enough to read your requests it reflects poorly on what they can offer you.

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Thank you for your good tips.

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