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Star Rating for Communication


I’ve noticed that since the five star breakdown for buyers reviewing a gig was introduced there seems to be a trend of buyers reducing the communication rating because they haven’t need any communication.

I’ve had a few gigs recently that have come in with 4.3 or 4.4 overall ratings and it is because the buyer has marked communication as 3 and in their review said that no communication was made so they couldn’t really rate it. In all of these cases the gigs were pretty straight forward and were delivered days before the expected delivery date, so to me as everything I needed for the gig was provided and I was able to get it back to them sooner than planned there was no need for email tennis prior to delivery.

It doesn’t make a massive difference in the grand scheme of things, but just is a little annoying when you have done everything possible to provide the best service you can and then have a slight mark down because of that. I don’t know if having "(if applicable) next to this on the start rating grid might help and make it an optional part of the rating would help.

Has anyone else seen similar happening?


I can see that you’re getting a lot of orders, but a simple 2 line response confirming that you’ve received all the requirements and you can do the job on time can go a long way. You can even send a canned answer which takes less than a minute.

Personally, I haven’t marked anyone down for this, but I’m always happy to see a quick response from the seller ensuring that order will be delivered on time and seller doesn’t have any questions about the request. At the end of the day, you’re competing with others and if they are willing to go the extra mile then I think it’s fair that they get a slightly higher rating.

I’m sure there will be an auto-response option available at some point.


While I somewhat agree, this is much more difficult with 24-hour delivery times. I pride myself on the fast delivery I offer - sometimes, even within just a few hours.

I have, however, experienced the same problem as OP on some occasions. So, which seller is more deserving of a good review? The seller that delivers within 3 hours, or the seller that takes the full 24 hours and sends a canned order receipt message?


I see you point, but how much time does it actually take to send a quick reply. Of course, even just a few minutes will eventually add up to hours and if you can deliver in few hours then from seller’s POV it might not make sense. However, it would be even a better experience if you send your buyers a quick reply telling that you’ll deliver ahead of time.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if it doesn’t take too much time then just send a quick reply to the customer. Just before you start working on the gig, send out a simple message. I don’t think replying to a customer will turn your delivery time from 3 to 24 hours, unless you get hundreds of orders every day.

I wish there was a way to see the feedback that buyers leave for Fiverr about our services. I’m sure buyers will add some tips in the box where Fiverr asks what could have seller done differently. Right now afaik this data is hidden from sellers.


I am always getting 5 Starts for communication.