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⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ... then 26 days later

:unamused: I can tell it’s Monday.

I woke up to an odd notification this morning. An order that I had completed 26 days ago and received a perfect 5-star review for was refunded last night.

My first assumption: A scammer did a chargeback.

However, from what I can tell, the buyer’s account is still active. I was also intrigued because it didn’t say: “Order Cancelled By Customer Support!” Instead, it says: “The Buyer Has Cancelled This Order.”

Maybe it was a chargeback? I’m awaiting a response from support…


No, they actually won’t… they are always on the buyer’s side.

I had the same thing happened to me, after a complete order and a 5-stars review… the buyer just contacted CS that I wasn’t replying to his messages (15 days later after the order was delivered AND I was on vacation mode), even though I deliver the highest quality service on fiverr (in my category).

This is the injustice of fiverr… I always feel threatened here, oppressed, uncomfortable, having trust issues with every new buyer… I can get flagged, denied or disabled at any moment with no fault from my end.


Yep, had a couple of these too. Maybe your buyer took advantage of the money back guarantee? I’ve never actually followed up with CS. On one of mine though, I didn’t get any notification at all. I just saw the balance refunded from my funds pending clearance.

This is so so so so so true. One day there will be a whole line of therapists dedicated solely to Fiverr seller PTSD recovery.


I feel you bro… we should have a group therapy section in this forum.

I had CS refuse to cancel an order when the buyer demanded a refund of me, then from CS. He did not have any reason at all aside from he changed his mind as soon as I delivered.

But it’s never happened to me before that.

Have you asked CS about this? I’ve never heard of this, unless they changed how they handle chargebacks.

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I just sent them the details (with screenshots of the review) asking if I could get any information about support’s reasoning behind the cancellation.

Is the money back guarantee a new thing? I know there was a forum post a few weeks ago showing that it was now being advertised on every gig page. However, you’d think that the 5-star review would contradict any claim from the buyer that they were unsatisfied with the work.


The money back guarantee only is applicable if the order was not delivered as the gig description states, or there was no delivery at all.

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I don’t know if the money back guarantee appears on every gig. It appears on all mine, providing I view Fiverr via an incognito window on Chrome. My refunded/ canceled orders both happened before I noticed this. It does make you a bit more hyper paranoid after it happens, though.

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well, if it appears or not… there is nothing you can do, really.

So does anyone know if that 100% guarantee notice is only viewable only to anyone using an incognito window, or if it’s available for all to see except for yourself viewing your own gigs?

I don’t see it on my own or anyone else’s gigs.

Maybe no one sees it unless they look at any gigs in the incognito window.

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I’m assuming it’s there for all buyers to see but that is only an assumption.

But I don’t see it anywhere. Are you saying if I bought a gig I would see it everywhere?

So they don’t want sellers to see it, just buyers?

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I just checked and can’t see it on either my gigs or your gigs anymore. It did definitely used to be on mine. Maybe they removed it or the gigs which this is offered on get picked randomly. IDK. It was an awful idea either way.


CS told me they’d for sure contact me prior to taking such a step (cancellation/refund). My buyer gave me 5* and a tip and immediately after that started to act funny claiming something was wrong with the files (even though they’ve checked them before).

They’ve disappeared shortly after with my revenue remaining intact so I have no idea if they just had a bad day or they tried to run a scam and it didn’t work (because all the files were checked and approved 10 times before).

Either way, so sorry it just happened like that. I hope it’s a rare occurrence, otherwise it opens such gates of hell, I don’t even want to think about it.

I got a $0.00 order once. The buyer said he just clicked a promo banner and there he was. Makes me think they run promos of “buy one, get one free” from time to time or “100% guarantee” in this case. It’s very worrying either way, though.

Someone wrote about a recent case where a buyer did a chargeback and somehow managed to keep his account here.

He would need to write a very convincing letter to CS that the order was not delivered as it was supposed to be.

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I had this appear a few weeks ago:

I’m not sure if it’s an order a buyer has recently tried to cancel or what but it dates all the way back to my first ever days on Fiverr.

I’ve got to the point where I don’t really know what is happening with Fiverr. It’s just a case of do, withdraw asap, put the money somewhere safe, and rinse and repeat while ignoring the increasing incredulity of it all.


Agree things are strange, especially the bugs. :bug: :bug: :bug: I’m not usually even sure it IS a bug now. There is no way to tell if it’s a bug, done on purpose, a glitch, a test of something new, or some problem with my computer or Paypal.

When it gets to the point people are telling me to try using a new computer to try to withdraw my earnings, that’s bad.

I had sellers messaging me asking me to try withdrawing to their Paypal accounts, people asking to use my link to my withdrawals to see if it would work for them, people offering to hack my account…

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This one looks like a bug. I remember old messages popping up as new/unanswered fairly recently.

Nothing beats that morning when we all woke up with some other sellers’ inboxes instead of our own. I’ve got a few gray hairs out of that one. The security/money withdrawal bugs are the absolute worst.


That was definitely the more interesting one.