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Star system theory

We have all been wondering the same question for the past week: "If Fiverr knows we hate the new star rating system, and if sellers are dropping out like flies, why won’t they change it? Why did they even implement this to begin with?"

I have a theory to share. I spoke about the whole situation with my dad who is in business. As soon as he heard the situation, he figured everything out.

It seems to me like someone working for Fiverr or someone who just joined the team wanted to assert their presence and wanted to make a significant change to look important. Probably someone whose job isn’t significant or necessary. They had a need to justify their existence. This happens all the time for businesses… They come on, make a mess, then say adios. Like a hand grenade!

Let me know what you think about this theory.

Reply to @alliemadison12: @freelancemm:

Here comes the “Personal Choice” of the buyer. For example I am a graphic designer. I do logos and business cards etc. But in this specific category each and everyone has a different taste. One thing can be a masterpiece for someone and the same thing is junk for the other one.

So with thumbs rating it was okay that if buyer didn’t like the work or it is not what they imagined/expected, they could just give a thumbs up to appreciate the efforts of seller. But now with STARS they do have a choice (Fiverr provided that) to rate the work (technically) 3 stars saying satisfied. Although seller (me) provided the best I could, if they needed another design they could buy another gig but why I would work for such buyer again?


I think if you live long enough, you’ll meet this person, or their clone or their cousin. A walking disaster, although not always obvious. The boss’s kid. The new hire who looks so great on paper (maybe with a falsified resume??). The end result is always the same: a huge mess, with the creator long gone and everyone else left to clean up.


So, I hate how the star system can hurt sellers, and can be another extortion tool, and I’m sad to see how unhappy so many people are about it. But I can’t help thinking, eh, it could be worse. And try not to get my knickers in a knot~ If people are leaving, I find it hard to believe it’s only for this reason. I think this is just the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. They were probably fed up already, and this is just as good a reason as any to leave.

And let’s hope the “star system creator” leaves before they have another grand notion~!

Allie, you have probably hit the bullseye!

Unimportant new hire, wants to look important.

Does something stupid and because he/she is in the Marketing department (Social Media, whatever name…), it is immediately adopted.

No research; No listening to your customers/clients; No listening to feedback.

Just go ahead and launch “New Coke”… er… Fiverr’s ARSe!


I have a more sinister theory about it… :-"

Reply to @misscrystal: Do spill :wink:

The theory proposed seems legit!

This makes sense. I think that fiverr suddenly had this crazy feeling that the thumbs up/down system was getting old and needed to show it’s sellers that they had technical superiority over similar sites. Which I think is kind of like digging their own grave by sacrificing their ultimate seller force.

Agree with Allie’s theory.

Another thing:

I think Fiverr was getting a lot of requests from sellers to delete THUMBS DOWN or NEGATIVE ratings. But now if the same buyer gives you 2, 3 or 4 stars you cannot complain about it to Fiverr Customer Support.

So they must be relieved now! :stuck_out_tongue:

well that was my theory. :wink:

Reply to @bestinmarket: Wouldn’t that be funny if the exact opposite happened? Has anyone complained to cs for a so-so rating yet with stars?

I don’t really care why and I don’t care to speculate.

In fact, if I do speculate, I want to assume that Fiverr does care about us and it’s site and WILL from time to time try things that have unintended consequences.

I also want to SEE and KNOW they fix it.

That’s for what I’m waiting.

Reply to @accessgirl: I am not sure if people would complain about 3 or 4 stars. And these ratings still do the damage.

There are other cases when buyer leaves 1 star being unreasonable.

bestinmarket said: I am not sure if people would complain about 3 or 4 stars.

I've sent in more tickets to CS about stars than for thumbs-downs. I rarely got thumbs-down, and always managed to work it out with buyers. However, you better believe I am going to contact CS when I get a 3 star rating after I delivered two times what was ordered and before the deadline to a satisfied buyer.

Seems logical, really. I believe honestly that’s why the mutual cancellation not effecting us was implemented out of nowhere, only shortly before the star system was released to most of the general public. it’s like they knew that the new system would be trash.

Do note that most top sellers on Fiverr are fairly obscure black-hat super shady SEO exploiters bringing in hundreds and hundreds of orders individually on a DAILY basis(One’s you’ll never see bother on the forum as chances are, they use an automated program to auto-complete Fiverr orders with trash services.), so unless these people chime in(Like they would bother unless something interrupts their cash-flow majorly.), everyone else is rather a small fry compared to them and won’t really effect Fiverr’s profit margin much. They also have a lot of capital to burn through from various investors among other more obvious capital such as the fees per each Fiverr transaction.

Reply to @bestinmarket: Uh. Anything but 5 stars on everything for a $5 service is essentially ridiculous. They spent $5 and as long as the service was delivered, and on time. There is… really no explanation as to why they would rate that low. Most do psychologically even if there is nothing wrong with the order as they feel it’s weird to give all 5 stars. That’s why before it was nice with just a thumbs up or down. They don’t have to say anything, don’t have to think too hard about it, and just rate.

@alliemadison12 - I think your dad is probably on the money. This whole thing smacks of someone trying to be a “game-changer” wunderkind, only to leave a trail of smoldering wreckage in their wake. I’m picturing Ryan from “The Office.” @Anarchofighter is correct though - there is no real profit in speculating about the origin of this problem or the motives behind it. The important thing is that we all stand firm with the July 1st Vacation Day Protest and try to get some tech press gabbing about this in the meantime. You know what really makes me sad, though? It’s the fact that I love Fiverr and have been one of their most enthusiastic cheerleaders/recruiters. I hate that they have provoked this adversarial spirit in me. I have been posting negative comments at least once a day on their blog post about the stars system, and for me it boils down to my most recent entry, which stated, "I love you, Fiverr, but lately I’m feeling like that love is unrequited. :frowning: Don’t go breakin’ my heart, Fiverr!

stop_it_man said: I'm picturing Ryan from "The Office.

Hahahah YES!! Perfect reference.
stop_it_man said: "I love you, Fiverr, but lately I'm feeling like that love is unrequited. :( Don't go breakin' my heart, Fiverr!

I feel the same exactly way.

I didn't leave Fiverr...Fiverr left me.

Reply to @freelancemm: This is very true. However…

I wonder if, when they inevitably start getting 3,2,1-star ratings, if their daily order average will drop severely and so, they’ll suddenly become very angry with the ARS…??

Reply to @alliemadison12: So far I’ve had:

1x 4.5 star rating: upon investigation, the buyer said “I don’t like leaving 5 star reviews as it devalues the system. Your work was outstanding/professional and I will work with you again”.

1x 4 star rating: buyer ordered a PROOFREADING gig and expected REWRITING/EXCESSIVE CRITIQUE.

1x 4 star rating: awaiting response from the buyer. Ordered a $5 gig and sent her CV and cover letter (which is $10, not $5). Also provided her with 5 comments for feedback, and a lengthy paragraph regarding a question she had.

If things don’t improve after July 1st I’m gone.