🌟 Rumour has it.....🌟


I have created this thread because of the misconceptions a lot of people have about Fiverr in general.

The post is meant to educate newbies or people in General about a lot of the misconceptions here. I will start with mine. Just start your post with Rumour has it…(the rumour)

Rumour has it… that when you are very active on the forum, your sales will increase or skyrocket.

The forum has no major connection with how much sales or impressions you get

Mod Note: Just to be clear - this thread is about rumors and things that people believe about Fiverr but are NOT true.


Rumor has it . . .

  • The 1st bidder gets the job in BR, so don’t bother after 15 bids

  • All $5 to $10 buyers are troublemakers; they never buy anything expensive


For the first time in a really long time. I used the BR last week. I applied for a job that had over 25 offers but still got the job.

Plus the job was over $400. I hope people will learn. Most times, it is full of canned responses that are sometimes unrelated to the request.


One of my top buyer’s 1st project with me was a $5 project. Guess what! That order she/he placed without discussion. :smiley:
Total number of sell is same for me. But my number of repeating Buyers has increased. I believe I made quit improvement in my conversation. Fiverr Forum is a great place to learn from experienced sellers. Visiting forum has no direct connection to sell but new sellers should spend time on reading discussions. Forum is a goldmine of knowledge :wink:


Yes sure. However, I noticed there are some people that lurk at every post and either copy and paste answers or simply put unnecessary replies thinking it will improve their sales magically.


Oh my gosh, can anyone say, “SPAM?”

I’m so sick of the people going on every single thread, don’t even read but post, “never give up,” or “great job,” or any other one liner that is totally irrelevant to OP comment.

I mean do they really need to post on every single thread?


They are pretty darn annoying indeed.
My other “favorite” is when someone posts the usual “I’m not making sales” , and you see a bunch of “Me too” “Me too, help” “Same here,I’m so sad” “I’m having same problem someone help me” thread underneath it.
What’s the point??


Rumor has it…

:radioactive: If you use a drop dead gorgeous female profile pic, you’ll mek sells.

Um, no. :roll_eyes:

:tomato::tomato: will not sell.
Your skills + Professionalism will.

Stop pretending to be a “female”, just be yourself for Pete’s sake. Be a man :muscle:, and be comfortable in your own skin. Same thing applies to females using pics of other “beautiful” females.


I know, right?!? :laughing:

The men that I work with are - - - well, men. There is no way they’d every allow anyone call them she or her.

If you don’t want to display your gender, use a logo - problem solved.


A logo with :tomato::tomato:, perhaps? :smiley_cat:


Ha, ha, ha, ha! You are killing me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Rumor has it that if you copy and paste the gig descriptions of a successful seller you too will be successful and mek sells.


Rumor has it…

that fiverr has no space for new sellers only old sellers get sales…


It’s just a rumor :wink:


Much better :slightly_smiling_face:


LMBO :joy:

I :heart: a confident man, me~ girly + him~ manly = perfect combo! :heart_eyes:


Grrr… Football, baseball.
Anyone need their car fixed?
I will get straight to it once I finish chopping down these trees.

** strokes beard while looking wistfully into the distance before taking the ax and walking away from the explosions taking place without so much as a backward glance **


Also for the man in the house:

take out trash
kill spider :spider:
change lightbulb
trim bushes
shovel snow :snowflake:
unclog drains :bathtub:
guzzle some beer :beers:


Miss Crystal! :ok_hand:t4: :smile:

  • Put furniture together.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • King of the grill.
  • Change a flat tire.
  • Play basketball :basketball:.
  • Take charge, don’t sit back and wait for a woman to make the decisions.
  • Not afraid to get dirty, the only :nail_care:t4: that need to be clean is mine.
  • Explain how the game of Football works, LOL. The only thing I know is “touchdown”. :sweat_smile:


LOL, Kill spider is always there isn’t it?