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🌟 Rumour has it.....🌟


Believe me when I say that it pains me when they have to be killed.
I like and admire them greatly.


*Relocate spider :wink:


Don’t forget the long-winded ones too.


Just take them outside if you don’t want them to eat bugs inside your home.

Poor little spiders. :cry:


I like them too but we have ones that bite, and the bites can be either deadly or make someone extremely sick. I had a bite from one once that was really bad.

Rumor has it that if you see someone ask in the forum how to get sales, it has never been asked before.


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Hello! This thread is simply a funny way of giving tips to people generally. Debunking rumours and killing misconceptions.

Apologies if someone keeps flagging you, however, yours seems to be a jab. I’m not aware of this type of trend. Did something happen that we should know?

Plus how do you DM someone that flags you when you don’t know who it is?


Well Said! I’ve learned a lot already in just a few hours


Rumour has it…

You can’t make a good income on Fiverr.

Well, you can :slight_smile: Work hard, work smart, continually develop yourself, learn new skills (like customer service) etc


Rumour has it…

I am the only one spelling rumour wrong!

…Everyone is actually spelling it wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: Sue me :smiley:

Now all the English professors are going to come for me…Hahaha JK


Rumour = UK spelling
Rumor = US spelling

so nobody’s wrong! :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha I know. Just Kidding :wink:


I noticed that yesterday. I figured that ollydave got his writing from the standard GB than the US. I see little hints like that in the articles I get from writers.

Sometimes, people forget I’m US based and the paper is written with metrics, you know meters vice feet, Celsius vs Fahrenheit, grams vs pounds. :slight_smile:

Rumor has it . . .that you have to be based in U.S. to sell writing gigs!

Wrong, wrong, wrong. I can’t speak for the world but at least half of the writers I use are not from the USA. I have repeat writers from India, S. Africa, Egypt, Thailand, Zimbabwe, and many others.



A lot of words such as favor, color, labor, honor, and gazillions of others are spelt differently.

We were colonised by the English. That is why we write and pronounce words like them. I can’t say the same for metrics. We use Km/h but they use Miles/hr, We use celsius like they do, we use grams and they use pounds.

Also, I agree with you about writing gigs. There are fantastic writers all around the world.


Have you skipped this part?

What you shared is not rumor. It is true. If you can’t do the job, don’t waste anyone’s time by sending an offer.



Yes, but there is a legal precedent (from Texas I believe) that goes roughly… “your honor, he needed killin.”


Rumor has it that if you have no idea what Miss Crystal’s gigs are about, and send her this message; “I don’t understand what you are offering? What will you deliver if I bought the gig”, or what she meant when she answered your question so you told her to answer your question using more sentences, that you will please her by asking for more and more explanations, when the problem is you don’t understand English well.



Did this just happen?


Rumour has it…

That when you post in Buyer’s request as a seller, buyers will apply to your request.

This obviously makes no sense. Most people applying on BR are sellers. Makes no sense x 10