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Stars rating vs Thumbs up


What do you thing about this new rating system ?

Me I think it’s horrible , some people just can’t afford to give you full start I don’t know why …always has to ask to rate again and explain them .

I like the thumb up !!


yah i think the 5 star rating system is fair. with the thumbs up rating buyer only has two options. if he thought the service was alright he might just give a thumbs down.

with 5 star system there is a range for buyer to choose from which could actually benefit seller.


I think that the stars are better. This way buyers are more likely to leave feedback since they can take off stars if something is slightly off instead of just giving a thumbs down, which looks very bad on our profiles.


I prefered the thumbs system, after starts there was a huge increase of buyers not leaving feedback. Another issue with the stars has been buyers leaving positive comments expressing their happiness, will buy again and will recommend, above the comment a 1 star rating.


One reason the starts are not working because some browser don’t support that functionality … that what a buyer said . just 1 start showing .


I have noticed a huge decrease in the percentage of buyers who leave feedback.

I understand that if a buyer doesn’t wish to leave feedback, that’s their right. They paid money for a service, got it, done-and-done.

However, in the back of my head I had always wondered, did they not-leave feedback because they didn’t like it? Now I have learned to adopt the “strangelove” philosophy. -or- “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”.

Trust me, if they don’t like it, they’ll let you know.