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Start a new gig on fiverr


I would like to start a new service of seo on fiverr.

Ok let me tell you. This gig will be a short urls created to money site, or tier 2,tier 3.

Money site <<<<<<short urls<<<<<anchor text to short url<<<<<web 2.0 with 70% unique spinnable content<<<<<<wiki backlinks<<<<<<again short url to web 2.0 and wiki backlinks

what do you think I just tested and it work it will boost the ranking of keyword depends on competation.

My old gig for tier 2,tier 3 and for negative seo


OKay I am trying to understand would this be related to a MLM marketing campaign?


I am too confused as to what the plan is here… please explain.


it is a service that all backlinks redirect to short url and then short url again to another backlinks so it will be something like that backlinks to backlinks but first high page rank to money site then i will collect all tier 1 Backlinks and create short urls to all these tier 1 backlinks afterthat i will get all these short urls and create more backlinks and so on.

You will be save in google and will get a good rank for long time that’s all my plan.


Reply to @xrumercheapback: Okay so I still don’t understand which means it is over my head and not something I know anything about so I am going to back out of the room, go get some punch & cookies in the break room…