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START Fiver :) experience

AT first , i thought it’s very hard .Now, m thinking it’s easy.Thank You Fiver!


are you a seller or buyer?

The first mistake new sellers make on Fiverr, is assuming that it will be easy. Long-term success on Fiverr rarely ever is. Fiverr requires hard work. Don’t let the “gurus” on other websites convince you otherwise.


Today I have bad experience with fiverr. @jonbaas, today morning I checked my gig performances. All of them become zero. Is this bug?

I don’t know if it’s a bug or not. It could be. In all honesty, though, Fiverr CS would be the best people to ask in that regards. Your graphic doesn’t show chart numbers are, so I can’t comment on the severity of the drop, but it does seem like a curious and sudden drop.

If you do ask CS, and they provide an answer, I’d love to hear what they say. :slight_smile:

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According to CS everything is ok with my account. That should be a bug. They reload my account. Cs asked me to contact them after 24 hours.

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Now everything is fixed.


Excellent! I’m glad to hear that!

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welcome on fiverr…it will be a great journey for you