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Start Getting Orders Again after Update.!


I was facing problem since last few months ! I was unable to fetch any order or any new clients…
No inquiries and no orders! I posted Topic in forum and peoples said its fiverr updating its search algorithm!
But now I think wait is over and fiverr finished their updates! I am getting regular inquiries and orders !
Even though they are not big orders but its enough orders now :slight_smile:
Anyone faced same problem and getting back on track ?


same here. Thank GOD


facing the problem. orders dried up and still the same situation.


hope you’ll get orders soon like us :slight_smile:


I am getting orders to now


1 month 0 order, top 4 of my sold gigs have been removed so i made new gigs hopefully situation will be fixed soon :wink:


Your Gigs look cool, liked them :wink:


Thanks, I appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:


Your gigs are very cool keep up the great work


Thanks you, this feedbacks are what still giving me hope on fiverr :slight_smile:


No order from last 2 weeks :neutral_face:


Best wishes to you :pray:


Joining the club! After 2 crazy non sto pweeks it has been suspicously quiet…why? :hushed:


hope i will get orders like you :smiley:


Thanks buddy ! Thanks for wishing :slight_smile:


Mine matches with the first part… not getting orders.
But it hasn’t improved :frowning:


Man! I thought I was the only one. I thought I was the only one experiencing it. I haven’t seen much orders for two months now


Actually Now I have started getting order again! you should try some changes to your gig! hope fully that can help!