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Start of September 2018 - Plans for Month

September is that time of the month where people are back from their holidays. Generally September is suppose to be a good month.

The start has been slow, so I am planning for:

  • Getting in touch with my Older clients (as I have a very good reputation with them)
  • Sending my new offer of from my new gigs
  • Looking to increasing my sales with combo offering (when I get in touch with my clients)

Let me know if there are other ideas that I can use to improve my sales in September.

Looking forward for your comments.


Good idea’’’
Good luckkkkkkkkkk

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Yes last month sales low because most of europian clients was on holiday. But this month hopefully much better. As you said starting will be a bit slow. But end of the month will be more sales. Also try to send customer request every time. It will help you to get some extra sales also.

Have a good job hunting. :clinking_glasses:

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Same here last month was not good for me also hope in this month will good for me. Also will follow your tips thanks for sharing

I am already doing the same. I am also hoping that the sales pick up.

Surely :slight_smile: wishing you a great month ahead. Let’s get our business rocking.

Hi,thats my stats in month of September.

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Thanks a lot same wish for you thanks

It depends on your clients, but I wouldn’t recommend it.
I’ve made probably 100+ orders on this platform as a buyer. If all those sellers would start contacting me then I would block them because if I don’t respond to the spam then as a seller I will be penalized in response rate.

All your buyers have every right to block and even report you for spamming. I’m not saying it will be the case with every buyer, but even a few might get you in trouble. Think twice before you do this.


Thanks for the insight. If this is the case, how can I up-sell or cross sell on Fiverr?

You up-sell when you’re actively talking to your client.
For example, I revamp websites and when needed I up-sell SEO. I do this during business discovery phase or right after the order delivery.

You have to keep in mind that buyers have not agreed to receive newsletter or campaign messages from you.
Even if you think that it’s just one message, you never know how many sellers they are using and if everyone did what you do then it would be really annoying.

You’re doing social marketing, right?
Feel free to reach out to your followers. They have agreed to receive messages from you and if they don’t respond then nothing happens. Here on Fiverr you could easily ruin someone’s response rate.


August was best month for me since I joined Fiverr. In these 5 days I almost 60% done with my target earning so I hope surely will have a good Sept.

I hope everyone here has great months ahead. Mostly to those who work hard and are not getting that much orders.

This is a great idea. I usually just deliver. I think - this can be a good way to upsell.

Yes - but not a lot for Fiverr. Maybe I can start. I am planning to have my own FB Pages with Testimonials (i.e. Fiverr Review Screenshots) and try to market that. I have got some great reviews.

Sept 2018, the month is very slow. It’s seems like the worst month. I am not getting orders. The pricing has not changed nor I have done anything to my gig.

If you can let me know what you are doing to get sales, it will be great.

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@uxreview you are in the same niche as I am. I also see your pricing is good. You are doing great! Good One!

It’s been 10 day in Sept - absolutely no sales for me :frowning: WORST Month for be by far. I can understand slow month, but not having sales - is something I am not sure what is happening.

I just hope that Fiverr starts to provide me with sales. If you see my profile, I have hardly 1 cancellation only 1 2.5 Star in 2 years (else 5 star always) and my sales have disappeared.

Any tips or ideas. I am doing all the usual suspects like Buyers requests etc. But nothing so far.

September has been pretty weird for me. There are a lot more duds this month for some reason.

Focus on repeat customers.
Some of your gigs should have the potential to get repeat clients.

For example, you’re offering guest posts on your blog. If it offers real value then you should have plenty of clients. If it doesn’t then work on it. Make sure it’s actually worth getting a post on your blog.

I was having a lot of repeat clients - but it dried up in Sept. I am still getting clients directly (I also sell guest post via other website) - so if i am getting repeat orders there, which means the service is good.

WordPress / Landing Pages - which were my highest sales, just went dry :frowning:

You might need to change your target audience.
Sep-Nov are usually the busiest for me as clients are back from vacation and start to prepare for holiday season sales.