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Start owning your success, stop acting like you're owed

Over 10,000 posts in this category and very few even take 1 piece of advice. Stop asking why you’re not getting orders and do something productive about it. Obviously, you’re doing something wrong. So do the following:

  • Accept responsibility
  • Stop faking professionalism or expertise if you clearly don’t have either or. If you’re good at what you do, it’ll obviously show.
  • Stop blaming the site for being “slow”. It’s not Fiverr’s fault. Fiverr generates an amazing amount of traffic.
  • Stop blaming your place of origin or ethnicity (Oh, I’ve seen this excuse many times)
  • Stop personally contacting highly rated sellers for jobs

I really could go on, but most won’t even read this or respond with “NICE TIPS!”. There’s no secret to this. Either you have the skills and dedication, or you don’t. Not being mean, just being realistic.

As a person who has just started Fiverr in the past two weeks, I completely agree with all of these grievances! Ultimately, I think it’s up to your ambition and drive because that is what will make your gigs successful.

And with that attitude, you’ll do well.

Thanks OP, I think I encountered one of these “cold calls” from a green newbie a few times and I was very unsure of what to make of it. I always thought the “buyer’s requests” was the place to go for that…

nice post

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using Fiverr as a kind of “earn as you learn” kind of place, but if that’s the case, you should be charging low prices and only offering what you know you can do at a competent level. And definitely not whining about a lack of sales or whatever. When I started out (as a green-faced freelancer) I was mainly very happy to get work and did my best. When I didn’t get work, I went out there and got it. This kind of behavior is alien to me (along with the sad sacked defenses)

Listen to this guy. He’s talking about the tech field, but his lessons apply for online work too. Just filter it from tech to Fiverr work. It’s GREAT advice.

If you don’t agree with this guy, skip working for yourself and head back to work for someone else. Spare everyone else your bs.

Good tips. I was recently approached by a Seller and since I’m an author myself, I did need something proofread. She said “I work by quality not quantity” and said for ME to make an OFFER to her. So I offered a reasonable price for her to proof my article. She responded with “No, I can’t do it for that amount.” I responded with, “Then please tell me your price. I cannot guess.” I never heard from her again! And this is from a Level 2 Seller!? I don’t understand where she gets her work from. If she treats her “real” customers this way, she’ll soon go out of business.

Anyone can get level 2. How far they go from there is determined by many factors, including customer service. At that rate, probably won’t make it too far.

"…but most won’t even read this or respond with “NICE TIPS!”.

Just proved my point.

I absolutely agree. I recently logged back on to Fiverr after being gone for a few months, and I can’t believe the fact that I overlooked the potential in this site. From the Buyer’s Request alone, I expect to catch up on the revenue I’ve made from Etsy and PayPal in no time at all. It’s completely okay to ask for advice if you don’t know what you’re doing, but asking for advice and ignoring it is definitely a habit I’ve seen often.

The irony…


What most of this whiny sellers do is actually the same ad if they go to eBay and ask everybody ‘What should I sell?’