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Start reaching your Facebook audience & learn the difference between a Facebook Account Vs. a Page

Hi there!

My name is Sam Robertson and I’m here to introduce you to my gig and to educate you on the advantages you could have by having your own Facebook business page and custom tabs. At first, let’s identify what is a Facebook business page. This is basically something a bit similar to your average Facebook account but has tons of differences which sets them apart in terms of functionality, design, purpose and usage. I have uploaded an image portraying the basic differences between a Facebook Personal Account and a Facebook Business / Fan Page.

Facebook’s TOS clearly states that a personal Facebook account cannot represent a business or commercial purposes and that their sole purpose is to represent an individual in order to use this account or profile to maintain communication with family and friends. Even by keeping Facebook’s terms aside, personal profiles are only limited to people whom which you accept into your friend list and that list is limited to somewhere around 4000 Facebook friends only. This keeps you from reaching your true Facebook customer potential because Facebook pages let you have an unlimited - YES! An unlimited number of fans (or clients - whatever you want to call the people who ‘Like’ your business or yourself)

Now you must be thinking I don’t have a business, I’m just a locally popular singer or an artist. That’s why Facebook pages are brilliant. Even if you’re a business or an individual, it lets you create your page and start meeting your audience.

That’s not all! Facebook pages have this amazing feature called tabs / apps which lets you create custom content on the Facebook platform. Want to get your online niche on the Facebook market? Want to establish your business on the strongest social media network? Need a way to promote your website among the Facebook crowd? Is there no way to connect to your fans? This is where I come in. My Fiverr specialty gig is to create landing pages / tabs for Facebook fan pages. If you head over to my gig by clicking here and read my gig description you will be able to gain full insight as to what I’m speaking of. If you have any questions or has any question related to Facebook pages you can always contact me.

You can check out my other gigs offering similar services.

Thank you for reading. Be sure to contact me for all your Facebook fan page related questions and services.

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Contact me for all your Facebook fan page related questions and services.