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Start unique seller

i started as designer couple month ago but no seller.if somebody can help i will pay everything my five customers paid to person that help me to start my work here.

Can you share a link to your gig please?

sure…is it enough?

if you have a such experience please share how i should make it better?

You may want to correct your profile description in first place.

Eg. “Ask for a professional designer for your Lego

Sentence “I’m a Graphic Designer with over 4 years of experience in building a good looking brand and product.” means you are individual person.

Sentence “we are a professional group that even translate the logos or Article or business description products to English, Russia.” means you are more people.

Are you one seller or a team? None knows…


Beat me to it by the looks!

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your basic gig says one revision but revisions are set to 4. then, your standard gig says unlimited revisions but revisions are set to 6 (not that i’ve ever needed that many myself)

in the trade we call these; contradictions

and yeah, at first i honestly didn’t know if your gig is that you make things out of lego bricks (there are gigs for building things in minecraft). top reflect what brav said, i think if you switch that E for an O, and lose the last sentence, you’ll be grand there

lastly, what lifetime customer support would i get for a logo?