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Started a new logo design gig

After learning AI for more than a month i just created a logo design gig ,I hope for the best !

Hey @muhammad_ali_22,

Good job on the logo design gig!

I have 2 recommendations for you:

  1. Your profile description: “I am a content writer and a Logo designer .
    Also able to develop and fix wordpress sites.
    I have worked as a content writer and logo designer for a while now.”

Change it to:

“I’m a content writer and a logo designer.
I’m also able to develop and fix WordPress sites. Message me today with your project details and I would be happy to help!”

  1. More important than the first suggestion, I would highly recommend you narrow down your services so it is just writing, logo design, or developing WordPress sites. To a buyer, it will be perceived that you aren’t an expert in any if you have 3 different skill sets.

If you just focus on one of those skills and only offer gigs in one of those skills, you will be perceived as more of an expert, more trust and credibility will be built, and you’ll ultimately receive more orders.

Good luck!

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I wouldn’t comment anything on your content writing gig, there are other experienced sellers for that but as for the logo design gig: it’s not enough just to know which buttons to click in illustrator you need to know at least basics of logo design which your images are obviously lacking at the moment.

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Thank you for the great suggestions.

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