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Started fiverr after not doing for several months. Not getting orders

i Started fiverr after 9 months. I did over 100 orders before. And i didnt do any orders in the past 9 months. Now i am not getting any orders. My impressions increasing very slowly. I put 3 new gigs as well.
Send buyer requests every day all 10 of them. hardly get a reply from a buyer. Now it is close to two weeks. Also buyer request that i see have so many offers made by other buyers. I am thinking fiverr for some reason showing me buyer requests after a while. so others have already made the offers before me. Please help me i can not find what am i doing wrong.

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hu @nc_creations,

thats weird, how can it be happen.

maybe you have offline for some times, a month offline maybe?

I have been away for last 8 months. So i was not online for last 8 months. But last two weeks i was doing everything right. I was online as much as possible. Sent buyer requests. But no replies from buyers. And put new gigs as well. How can i improve.?

im sorry actually i dont know how to overcome that problem.

in my opinion, fiverr doin some kind of algorythm similiar to instagram, whenever someone offline or do not active, they assume that that profile are already gone.

if is it the problem, then whenever you are becoming active, the algorythm are indicating that your profile are active again… time will heal :smiley:

hope this is help

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