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Started Fiverr year ago, left after 6 months, joined back 3 months ago and now distressed

I have been in an extremely difficult situation. I started Fiverr, started getting orders last year but could not work for long hours due to $5 task. Thinkig it is time consumign i left fiverr for a number of months. came back to witness my rating gone down from 99% to 86%. Customer support helped me in going back to 98% after removing negative reviews with the consent of buyers and from those buyers that used to bully me. Finally I am back with 14 gigs but there was again a sharp rise in orders and now again going down. a few of my gigs have high clicks and views but no orders. i see others in a same situation gaining level 1 status quickly. what to do? too much distressed. I am looking for at least 10 orders daily with at least a gig each for an order. how to do it? Where to promote? In a very difficult situation!

Fiverr has gotten very competitive and gets even more competitive as days pass… So all we sellers can do is make rates that are reasonable, market our gigs very well… or lurk in the buyer’s requests and make a good offer… :slight_smile:

Reply to @theratypist: you are right about it but i had to pause and delete a number of my gigs that i made in the last 2 months that only had a new arrival on their top whilst i am a user since 2014. hence i had to make sure that buyers only see a few new arrival gigs and only see the best ones of my gigs that are perfomring