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Started freelancing during home quarantine

Hello there! I’m Dewan from Bangladesh. I’m a professional powerpoint presentation designer. We all know the whole world is going through a tough time. Working from home has become essential to stay safe from Covid19. I have doing my office for the last 90 day from my house and in the last week I thought I have plenty of free time so why don’t I sell my service online. Doing some research I came to know that Fiverr is a great platform for freelancing. So I have just started my freelancing career here in fiverr. Hope I will get success here also. Pray fro me. :blush:


Welcome to the community and wish you all the best for upcoming future…


welcome :blush:,
Wish u the best. Hope your journey will be amazing.


Best of luck and hope you will get more works from fiverr


Welcome and best wish for you.


Thank you pixelbirds

Yah.hoping for the best.thanks for your wish

Thank you abida29 for you support❤

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Thank you for your support❤

Your welcome and wish you all the best.

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Thank you for your warm welcome🤗

Welcome to Fiverr forum. Wish you good luck with you future orders.

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Thank you nafishasan for you support

All the best Dewan!Deal buyers wisely to get success!

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Welcome here.Good Job

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Welcome and best wishes!

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@dewan97 Welcome to Fiverr family.

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thank you madhu 2 for your support

thank you for your advice

thank you for your support