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Started my freelance journey today

Hey everyone, I just started my first ever freelance online. I got laid off my job due to the covid-19 and I have programming skills. I like to work and create bots on python. Currently, I have bots for Telegram members and Youtube views so I made gigs here. Hopefully I start getting some impressions soon. I am excited but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. Please let me know how long did it take you to get your first gig order here?


Sorry to hear that you got laid off - I am in the same boat as I am in the hospitality industry. I am also new to Fiverr and have yet to get my first order. My cousin who is a Level 2 seller told me it took her 3 months to get her first gig. Ever since that first order, the orders started flooding in and Fiverr has now become more profitable than her day job. I hope we get hits sooner than 3 months but at least we know there is hope! Best of luck to you!

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