Started new gig need feedback on it



I just started new gig

I need suggestion on it . if i need to improve anything in gig let me know.

Thank You


You stole most of this gig description from TRS at www.fiverr.comFiveeree. I know the description well because it was one of the first TRS gigs I saw when I found Fiverr. Taking exact content directly from other gigs is wrong. Your profile photo is also taken from the internet.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Surprised by your ability to remember. And here I just go memento after a few days.


What’s so difficult in writing your own description ?

The other day I saw some people copying Madmoo’s tagline.


Reply to @kay2809: I can forget what I had for lunch yesterday! :slight_smile: My first gigs on Fiverr were research and writing so I studied the top gigs on that over and over. I wanted to get pointers about their success and then put my personal spin on it. It got me started so it stuck!


Reply to @fonthaunt:

Thank You for your suggestion i did change in profile pic going to change description as well. I wrote more then 7 description all are approximate same.

I think i need to take services from any writer …

Thank You very much again You are always provide wonderful suggestion to all Seller and buyer who ask question.



I recently wrote a guide with 32 tips how to optimize your gig. Check it out, you might find exactly what you need:


Reply to @mallika255: The new picture is great! It looks realistic and very nice. I think your buyers will like it.


Reply to @fonthaunt:

Its my real picture … i was using it before and found no sells and then i search on internet an professional image and make it my profile pic. Now i will never change it. even i will not get sells.