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Started strong but have died out


I started using fiverr on a whim and really got into it. I started getting gigs right away and after ten, all with positive reviews, things have died off. What tips are there to try to kick start it again? I’ve tried putting more descriptions and options into my gigs, but nothing.

Thanks for your help.


same here, i was getting at least 2 orders a week and now im getting none



Good Job to be a level one seller!Be thankful for it is the first step! Be more creative and try to promote your gigs on social, forums etc… Make the crowd find you! You have good gigs, so try make them more accessible to people. If more people knows that your gigs exist so much more sales you will have.

All the Best

Kostas Pap

Personal Trainer & Graphic Designer


Reply to @kostaspap: Thanks for your input, Kostas. I will try to post on as many comedy and writing forums and social pages that I can. Hopefully that will kick things up.


It is about marketing yourself. As marketing experts we are shocked that we keep seeing this question come up. If you imagine a shop could be the best shop in the world but if no one knows where it is you will not get a sale, it is the same as on fiverr. You need to market your service, promote the service online




Many of us have seen a drop on sales but this is normal in the first two weeks of january. People are bouncing back from their holidays expenses.


I’m in the same boat as you. I used to get tons of orders from Fiverr visitors. Now, the only orders I get are from very happy repeat customers. I appreciate the volume but I’d like to get more new customers.

I was driving traffic from forum sites but I’d like to know how to drive traffic from inside Fiverr.


Hi latenightmedia, your pictures and graphics look great and professional (better than mine) I noticed you don’t have any video samples, i had the same rut starting out but once i added samples i have had a steady stream ever since.



No doubt… selling on Fiverr is difficult to say the least… I recommend adding more gigs, uploading videos to promote your gig, participating on this forum, and lowering cancellation rate while maintaining 100% customer satisfaction rate . Good luck.