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Started Yesterday, How can I improve my gigs/profile from the get-go?


The title says the main idea. I joined Fiverr yesterday. I would love for some people to review my gigs and profile and see what I can improve/am doing well. I need some basic evaluation to let me know if I have a strong start or not.
Any feedback is much appreciated, thanks!


You literally just started. Not everyone gets orders just like that and since its currently holiday season you might not see orders right away. Wait another two weeks. If things are the same, then come back to the forums.


Thanks for responding so quickly.
I was’t so much looking as to why I haven’t made sales as much as I was wondering if I had a strong enough start to make sales in the future.


Dear Scarabia:

How do you prefer to be addressed? Your customers want to know what to call you.

Here is a checklist to help you improve your gigs.

*** Your log line:** Hi, I’m scarabia

In my humble opinion (IMHO), this is too generic. I suggest you look around at other Sellers on Fiverr (like Top Rated Sellers) to find inspiration from their profiles (without plagiarizing, of course).

*Your profile image:
You have gone the branding as a company with a logo route. If you are unhappy with your results, please consider presenting yourself as a person with a photo of you smiling. Get in the habit of performing A/B tests to see which way works best for you.

*** Your profile text:**

Your English is clear. Hooray! You’re not saying much, so again I suggest you study other Fiverr profiles and jazz up your presentation. Your goal is for Buyers on Fiverr to see your profile and feel they know, like, and trust you.

*** Gig Title:** I will create a unique, and artsy logo

I don’t know why you have a comma here. IMHO, this is not a standout gig title and needs more work to make it compelling.

*** Gig Description:**

I strongly suggest you hire a copy writer to punch up your gig descriptions.

This long paragraph is hard to read. At the very least, try breaking it up with bullets. Make reasonable use of the highlighter and bold functions.

A suggested format for your gig descriptions:





*** Video:** 30 to 60 seconds. Fiverr says videos can boost your sales. You should include lots of examples.

Gig Images: You have 3. As you sell, hopefully your Buyers will help you out with reviews and add images to your live portfolio.

Gig Extras:

This gig has packages, but no extras, which is fine.

Gig Packages:

You seem to have done your homework here. This is a reasonable starting point. As you work with Buyers, hopefully their feedback will enable you to finetune your packages.

Good luck,


Hi Sir,

How can add more images in portfolio?

it’s my id-


You are only allowed to add three photos to your portfolio.


I Don’t sell my gig .so i have no buyer


Dear Krishna:

It seems like you may be unfamiliar with Fiverr Academy.

They have articles about how to edit your gigs.

Fiverr allows you to post 3 images, 1 video, and 2 pdfs.

Beyond that, as you make sales, if you include an image with your delivery, your Buyers may opt to share that image with other people along with a review of your work.

For example, my “Design Stuff” gig has a video, 3 images I included, 2 pdfs that show various filters offered in Blender, and at least 6 images in my Live Portfolio that Buyers allowed Fiverr to add.

So the more sales you make, the more pretty pictures your Buyers have to look at.

Please note: my gig is in the Image category. I’m not sure if it works in all the other categories, but if it does, then it makes sense to include an appropriate image with your deliveries, to help you make more sales in the future.

Good luck,


Dear Alam:

With all due respect, if you don’t do your basic research in how to best present yourself on Fiverr, that may not change.

I suggest you apply the suggestions from the checklist I mentioned in a previous post.

Once you study Fiverr Academy, add videos to all your gigs, edit your gigs for grammar and punctuation, invest in a copy writer to make your gigs more compelling, and so on, hopefully you will make sales and have lots of Buyers!

Good luck,


Thank you so much for the advice. It was very helpful and I spent some time today looking into the things you said and making those changes. Hopefully it’s a stronger start than I had previously. This helped a lot.


Fiverr allows you to add 3 images, 2 PDF and 1 Video. You can use the PDF and Video slots as an extension of your image portfolio. Just create a PDF of your images and upload it. You can add 3 images per PDF, that’s 6 additional images. You can also add an animated slideshow to your videos.


many many thanks i didn’t that.i think its my gig problem,


Scarabia, I think the first thing you have to do is to change your profile picture. It is too dull. You can upload a new picture of you smiling, because it inspire confidence in your buyer.


Thank you so much for your important discuss.