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Starting a Business outside Fiverr

Hello! Hope you’re having a great day!

SO before you tell me about the TOS violation, I KNOW. I have been extremely careful about that and have never contacted buyers outside Fiverr unless required for my gigs.

Here’s the tea. Someone saw my gig and profile and asked me if I would like to start a business with them. I basically design educational content for people. This person wants me to start a website with them that sells my content.

I design the content. They do the marketing. We split the profit.

It does seem simple and it is not like they are buying something from me outside Fiverr as it would be a joint venture. However, I am not sure if this too would be a TOS violation. It has been my dream to start a website with content I can take ownership of and this could be a great opportunity, but I definitely don’t want to start it on the wrong footing.

Tl;dr Can you start a business outside Fiverr with someone you met on Fiverr?


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Short answer is ‘no’.
Long-ish answer: if you’re willing to sacrifice your Fiverr account. In which case you must ask if it’s worth the risk.

Best answer I can provide: There’s nothing stopping you from making your own website anyway. There are several sellers for whom Fiverr is the supplemental, and not the main.

There are several threads on this topic, though the search function can be tricky. Let me see if I can find one or two.


You don’t need this person. Why would you split the profits? I recommend learning how to build a website with Wordpress. There are many tutorials on this subject. You can build the site, run the site, and create the content.

You can easily market this business online. Anyone can create social media pages. You can purchase logos from talented artists at Fiverr.


Thank you for your reply! Since I am not selling my service but starting a new business, can my account still be removed for this? Also, I mainly want to work with them for the marketing, although I am new to this concept so I don’t know if 50/50 divide is too much… is it?

Thank you for your suggestion! I’ll keep this in mind. Actually, I am a medical student, so I don’t have the time to both make the content and market it effectively. This is why I want to work with someone. Is a 50/50 split too much for this? Also, is this a TOS violation?

IIRC, it’s also against the ToS to offer a service that extends beyond 30 day.

How would you “split the profits”? How do they define ‘marketing’?

There are far, far too many people that think ‘marketing’ is spamming a thing in front of as many eyes as possible.


The split is supposed to be 50/50, but I am not completely sure if that’s okay.
I am also not quite sure what the exact plan is and I asked this person for a proper business proposal and I am waiting for their reply.

Can you also kindly explain how this is a TOS violation? I am confused because I am not selling anything to them. Rather, I am trying to go on this joint venture.

Thank you very much for your time and help!

If you’re closing your account and leaving Fiverr, then that’s your prerogative.

Short answer: business contracts are complected. Forming a partnership or an LLC is a necessity when it’s with someone you don’t know.

Again: If this person can’t hold up their end of the deal, is it worth the risk ?

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That does make sense. I suppose things could get complicated since it’s a partnership with someone I don’t know.
Thank you for your advice.

You will have to evaluate what will be a better source of income: a business… or Fiverr?

If you want to work with this other person you will have to share contact details, which would either get a strike against/or suspend your Fiverr account.

But 50/50 is a LOT. If I were you, I would keep the business for myself and for marketing, employ a director. Not share half of your profits with them.

But before making any decision, you will have to do a LOT of research about business and marketing.


Thank you for your reply. I just saw it and, very honestly, I think I dodged a bullet. I asked this person to place an order on Fiverr instead and he was a very difficult person to work with. It took several days and at least 5 times the normal amount of work to complete his order and I decided never to work with him again.
I have decided that I will keep my work on Fiverr and start my own website when I am ready!

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I’m glad you convinced them to make a trial purchase. Hard lesson to learn, but at least you didn’t get in too deep.