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Starting a House and Office Cleaning Buisness?

I want to start a house and office cleaning service, does anybody have any information on the subject.

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You have to be able to do most of the work yourself at least at first because you won’t have enough business to pay workers. You have to do local advertising and promotion and have a great website. You have to do all the sales of your service yourself with calling on people and businesses so be good at that end of it. And you need to really have it together as far as being good at it and very reliable.

To be fair, if this guy had done any research he’d know that there is a huge community of people on a certain other website that have mapped out business plans and share resources and all the rest of it.

But no, a tiny backwater forum that specializes in digital products is clearly the place to ask. Your business isn’t going to get very far with this kind of get up and go, OP.

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Yes, and he may not even come back to read the replies.