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Starting a new message?


I messaged a seller and he responded quickly. Then I sent another message back to him and he hasn’t responded. I see he is online. Is there a way of instant messaging? If not, how do I start a new message to him?


Maybe he is just busy now. Have a little patience and wait. Even if you see a green dot it doesn’t mean he is online 24/7. He might have left the page open while doing other work. If you go to his main profile page you can click on “Contact Me” it will bounce right back to the old conversation though.


Looks like you’re only a buyer just like me. Some sellers on Fiverr do this as part time or as a side job, while others do it to keep up their skills while going for higher education or getting ready to go back to the corporate world after an extended time away. (Whew, that was a long sentence).

That doesn’t make them any less qualified. You could very well be getting hundreds $$ for few bucks.

As an example, one of my editors has a full time job. She does amazing work and always keeps me in the loop, but when she’s at work, it could take her awhile to respond. Don’t get me wrong, she is an excellent communicator. I understand her predicament, as I too have one long meeting after another and can’t always respond quickly.

If you forget to turn off that little green dot, it will show they’re online 24 hours. :laughing::laughing:
I’m online right now, but I’m pretty sure it won’t show as such. He or she could be asleep, at work or out and about. You have to consider the sellers time zone. I typically give my sellers a day to respond because almost all of them do.


Good topic. I suggested to Fiverr several years ag, actually four years ago, about instant real time messaging while both parties are online. It just makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, it’s gone on deaf ears and nothing has ever been done about it which is unfortunate. This can be easily implemented but you would need someone to moderate. But, right now like on this forum only volunteers, non fiverr staff are moderating the forum. You can always try to send another message to see if there is a response.