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Starting a new profile or not

I made my profile in the virtual assistant category 1 year ago. It was quite difficult for me to get my first order but when I got it, I had to refund it for a mistake made by me. So, I left Fiverr demotivated. But I now have learnt SEO and want to create my gig in that category. Should I create a new profile or just continue with this one?[ My doubt is that will the clients judge me negatively seeing that my profile is one years old and I still haven’t got any completed order in that profile]


you should create new profile

In my opinion you should continue with this one cause it is an old profile. ( you should not have enough time or experiance to spend here so you did not do well but from now you are back with a new sprit of knowledge ) you may add your recent certificate that buyer can realize that you was busy with your course so you don’t spend time for earning but after compleat you are back with full of force. Have a nice day.
Ohh, again, its just my own openion.

you also should create new profile and begin good journey
Best of Luck for You

I don’t think fiverr allows multiple accounts. I would advise you to keep running the current account. Update and improve your gigs or create new ones. You can just mention in your description that you stayed away for a while to gain more skills or just to study.

All the best!

Try to improve your gigs. Check if your spellings and grammar are right. Don’t send the same template to all the buyers. Apply for buyers request with custom description while keeping in mind the need of each of buyer.

You may also check the various posts in the forum for more help.

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Hello Mizzy181,
At first I want to say that i’m not an advisor. I’m a seller like you. You may post this on your own created catagori not in others post. Cause I saw previous, moderator give reminder that not to do any ask in others post. If need then created own post. Beside its, more people do not get your post as a result you don’t get more advice.
Now the Main point,
You welcome back on your account on January which created on 2017. You also make 17 orders and 2 between cancle. From you last cancelation you don’t get any order.
At present to cancle an order is not expectable. If you do so, firstly its damage your order compleate rate and fiver send you gig at the last page. For that you also loss your impration.
So be patient and do social media marketing and also send the buyer request with confidently. Expect, Soon you will get an order. Have a nice day.


You may put your gig’s link on
“Let’s talk about your gig!” In Fiverr Tips categories.
There you find an expert who will visit your gig and give real advice.
That will be really beneficially for you.
Thanks again.

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@mizzy181 If you want help you need to create your own topic. This is considered as spamming the forum and will get you into trouble with the moderators.

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ok, am sorry about that, am still new to the forum, still figuring out how it works. i was actually replying a message.

Here is a note of the rules: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's for future reference.

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Its ok. We need to spend time to learn something. If you stragle anywhere, there you can learn more. This is reality. Go ahead with success.

I do not believe this to be a fact…

This is not true. I think it’s exaggerated.

That was not my own opinion. I read its once article just a day before yesterday who share his opinion. Its happens for the new or no level seller. Not for the ranking seller. Cause most of them are nor fully professional. Buyer don’t be satisfy on their work.
Have a nice day.