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Starting a video blog site


I am starting up a new blog site for videos and wanted to get some tips on gaining social media exposure and website tips… Any ideas?


This section, Tips for Buyers, is for tips related to buying on Fiverr. It is not a place for getting free consultations on marketing. My tip for you would be to hire a marketing consultant on Fiverr and put your question to them.


“I will order from whoever gives me the best free advice–I have a lot of work if you’re good!”



I have had a bad experience from ordering with people who say they can do something in their gigs and not deliver in person. This is my preference to see what type of advice someone can give and then if it sounds good, i will order for more information…

Thanks for your feedback though.


Exactly! Same here! I need to know if they have good advice before I purchase


My point is that what you are doing is not allowed. The Forum is not the place for that. I would have removed the post but as you are a new user and someone looking for a service I didn’t want your first experience of the forum to be having your post removed. Instead I moved to the “Conversations” section.
PS: Selling services is how sellers make a living. You should not expect it for free. Go to a couple of sellers offering the service you want, place a small order for a consultation/demonstration and then place a larger order with the one you like best.


@emmaki was quoting what a lot of “buyers” say when they have no intention of buying and want to get something for free. No serious sellers take them seriously.


whoosh my best advice comes after you give me money. The only people who will entertain you are the people who are new (and may be good, but you’re the one gambling, which means the odds are stacked against you unless you’re smart) or desperate/stupid/scamming.