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One of the gigs on my page is only offered at one price - $5. There are no extras or stock photos to buy. Despite this, it still says “Starting at $5.” It’s not a huge deal, but I don’t want buyers to get the wrong idea and think that they may have to pay more than the base price. How can I fix this?


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Every gig says this in case you want to offer extras or anything later on. Plus, some people don’t even have $5 gigs anymore. “Starting at $5” is the normal display. It is not a bug.

All right. I bring this up, because as a buyer I would less likely click on a “starting at $5” than just a “$5” gig. Thank you.

@ninjanic I understand. In the years I’ve been here, all gigs have said “starting at” since I think they either always did or it was changed when extras were added which was years ago. I don’t think they will change that since all the current Fiverr buyers typically know that if a gig has a $5 option, it’s displayed with a $5 starting price in the listing view.

There are some other competing sites out there with everything from $1 services to anything else you can imagine and some have absolutely set prices if you want to advertise that. I don’t think any of them are very successful, but you could search Google for them.

Well, thank you for the information! I only brought this up, because my other gig did not display the “Starting at $5” text, so I guess it must depend on which category the gig is in.