Starting Fiverr Again with new Hope


Hi this is Hamza,

Today’s day is my different for me. Because after long time i have no activity on fiverr. Never can do focusing on any particular platform because of my friend Accident, Its really hart for me and after that a big Accident happen on myself. i was totally Unable to maintain everything.

Now Today Friday, i start to recover every thing start a new journey with Fiverr. As a new Seller but not new on my platform Graphic designing. i am professional designer since 2010.
please pray for me.


my Account:
Graphic Expert


Best of luck , brother


thank you brother
please pray for me…


off course :slight_smile:


But you have no active gig there! Anyway, wish you best of luck.


i will create new gigs Today … it just need a time to marge every thing
you know it;s long time…
thank you for your wishes