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Starting Fiverrr with 24H services :)


Hey guys!

Nice to meet you all! I’m just starting at Fiverrr and i will be providing some 24H services as well as using some of your services as well :slight_smile:

If you have any advice or tip that would be cool, but honestly i also just want to see all the awesome people that are around :slight_smile: !

This is my first gig!
I still don’t have any client here but i hope i can connect with people in need!



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Goodluck with your first gig. I wish you all the best.:wink:


Hi and welcome!
Your gig description looks fine, but you might wish to explain the third item in your portfolio.

I believe this was done by Anoop Jeewoolall unless you were somehow involved in the process


Hey thank you for your reply!

In the gallery section I was originally putting images of designs that i can do just to illustrate it until i transfer the stuff from my other gallery!

My work portfolio is in!

Do you think that using this section to that can be seen as appropriation? If it’s the case it was not my intention and i will take down those images and provide other right away [sorry to Anoop if that’s how it looked like! You did an amazing work]!

Thank you for your feedback and please check more to things i should give a look!


Based on the profile info and description I didn’t really think that you stole it or anything like that :slight_smile:
It’s just that some buyers will do a quick image search and as soon as they see that your portfolio item is on other pages as well they might walk away. It can be just 10-20% of more tech savvy clients but still.


Oh, and you might wish to check this FAQ. I don’t think promoting your company site is allowed


Ok! So the idea is to do everything through fiverr and try to fit everything in a way nothing external is necessary right?

OBS: Removed link from my profile!
OBS2: Ok, so i can use some types of pages! Thanks :slight_smile:


Welcome Charles and wish you all the best on Fiverr. Move on.