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Starting in fiverr, need advise


I’m new to this site so please can any one assist me by giving me some advises on how to start selling

also I need you to check my gig and tell me if any thing wrong with it

Thanks in advance


Hi, i’ve checked your gig and its ok, try to add more words to description to make it longer, use proper category and tags, use high quality and exclusive word in your title and description as these words rank faster. Add a video with unique images. Make at least two more gigs realted to WordPress installation or customization.


You can add some extras to Your GIG and try to add better image toportfolio. eyecatching one.


@arslanlb Thank you for your reply it’s really helpful but there is something I’m missing here. Can you please describe what you mean by proper category?


@mnsartstudionew thank you so much for your reply


Your category is great. i was saying placing article writing gig in graphic designing is bad because people often do this which is useless. Make sure to gig to other category but must be relevent if you are not getting response in one category.


Hey @ma7ammadkhaled, welcome to Fiverr.
I see that you are new here, but your profile description and GIG description are so nice good work.
Now, you need to sending buyer requests and to promote your GIGs trough social network, other forums, blogs. You must do a little on marketing, people need to see you if you want to hire you. That is so simple.:slight_smile:
But, don’t worry about a job, I m sure that will come fast first order to you! :slight_smile:
Wish you all the best here, keep working!