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Starting my life as a subtitler


Over the past 6 months, I was bashing my head, bidding to every job listed by buyers and getting more and more frustrated while my bank account kept getting more and more empty. Living in Venezuela isn’t easy. Thankfully desperation is the mother of invention and one night while I was watching a YouTube video that my wife could not understand and was translating it for her on the go it hit me.

“Why not create subtitles in Spanish so that she can understand them?” Then again “Why only limit myself to Spanish if I can do it both in Spanish and English!” HAH! I said proudly and started to research over the web the basics of subtitling and what software to use, going more and more frantically since as stated before I was not getting orders on my other gigs.

During the course of 2 months, I gave it my all to learn the workings of subtitling and translating content for my possible clients all of this without even having the Fiverr Gig ready since I feel that you need to deliver what you are offering and not just create a Gig while at the same time you are learning about it. It would be the same as buying a Ps4 built by a student

Its been almost 3 months since I started and even tho my knowledge in SEO isn’t that strong my willpower is and after sending my gig in personalized and tailored letters to different youtube channels I’m glad to say that I’ve been growing bit by bit and hopefully I will continue to grow exponentially.

I’ll gladly take on any opinion about my gig and if you have a question I’ll gladly answer it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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