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Starting on Fiverr

I’m starting on Fiverr and need help understanding how to start selling/ getting clients. I am a graphic artist and yet have gotten no inquires this month of being a member of Fiverr. Any tips?

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First you change your profile pic ,

I’ve just checked out your profile and gig. Well, I must admit you are one among the best graphic designers but you should let other people know who you are. So complete your profile right away and try to make your description more professional and appealing. Well, you can check out other sellers gigs to know how they have written their gig description. You can also check out my gigs description as they are optimized with seo stuff.

Illustrator here,

You may want to fix a couple of things, to help you better stand out as a competent artist:

  1. Change your profile photo. Either use your real photo, or a drawn character’s face. It’s too difficult to make out what your profile image is from afar. Everything helps in making sales - especially images.

  2. Be clearer on your packages. At the moment, they are a little confusing. I understand the first two, but the third isn’t very clear on what you offer.

  3. Modify your title. The idea is to be brief, and to the point. The “inspire others to follow their dreams” doesn’t make any sense in accordance with your service. It breaks 2 rules of a good title: First, being concise. Second, relevancy. You might want to think about a title similar to : “I will illustrate anything in my fantasy art style”, or something like that.

  4. Add more images to your gig! You are a visual seller - make use of images! You have 3 slots to add images, so upload some of your other stuff. Prospective buyers want to see what you are capable of.

  5. Give your profile some life. Write a description - tell buyers who you are, and what you offer.

You have talent, judging from your gig image. Just put some more love into your profile+gig and you will be fine. After you’ve filled in all the gaps that I mentioned, start putting in over at buyer request to get some jobs!

can you please help me with my gigs ? please check my profile and gigs and let me know what you of think of it. Also i have never been to any social sites or platforms, so how do i promote my gigs ?

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Exactly as everyone else had said. It’s all about selling yourself. As a Freelancer, to stand out on this website you have to present yourself both professionally and make yourself seem different enough to draw the attention to yourself. Your work is good if that’s your work, and you have the skill. However, there are thousands of other illustrators on this and other websites who offer the same thing.

It’s all about marketing yourself.

MY suggestion is for you to research on how fiverr search algorithm . if you found out this then you will see order will keep coming.
Second suggestion is you have to keep calm for 2-3 weeks and play around with your gigs and profile everyday and see your gig impressions clicks and views increasing or decreasing.

Best Regard
Waleed Arshad Awan

Where have you found info on the Fiverr search algorithms by researching? Other than guesses by others I don’t know of anyplace this is written

Please take a look at the thread I created based on my experience on how to get first sales:

daily ten request to buyer for get the order that is your luck someone your accept job