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Starting out gig


hello! im new at fiverr is there any tips to start on fiver? i trying out small first just to test out the water around here
if there’s any way to improve would be appreciated

thank you and have a nice day :smiley:


Thats better. Focus on just one or two skills and establish first. Later, you can start offering more gigs and more extras for each gig. Just improve the gig description part for both your gigs and things look fine for now. All the best.



ahh i see thank you :slight_smile: and also is there any way to get more exposure for listed gig?


For Fiverr to show your gig more often in search results, first ensure that right keywords are used in gig title, gig keywords and description. Next, you respond fast to messages, deliver orders on time and maintain positive feedback rating in order to have better exposure of your gigs. Look for similar gigs in your category offering same services and are performing better, in order to improve your gigs at regular intervals. You can also post your gigs here at Forum once in a while and on your social media accounts. Do note that you cannot market your gigs using services such as Google AdWords.

Fiverr Academy is a good place to start learning things: .
Look for relevant categories at Fiverr Forum for more details and helpful info.