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Starting out in Fiverr as digital artist help

So I’m quite new here in fiverr, and I want to know for those who are a digital artist about how to start out on fiverr. Is there any tips you can give to me?

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@gearmaster1234 Welcome

Thank you :slight_smile:

I am also a digital artist and just recently created a gig here.
I am sure mine isn’t that good, but I recently discovered that there is something called “Buyer Requests”. You can send what you offer in your gig to buyers whenever they appear. I hope that can be of some help :slight_smile: !
Also, welcome to the Fiverr forum community. I hope you make many good acquaintances :blush: !

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Thanks for the tip! :smiley:

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And also thank you for the welcome! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to fiverr forum!
Take time to read through the forum for lots of tips and information. Good luck :+1:

Thanks for the welcome! :relaxed: