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Starting out in the Music Industry? Need a boost?

Hi there,

Firstly, let me introduce myself a little bit. I’m Floreat on Fiverr, but I do have a stage name (which I won’t be posting). I’m an EDM Producer and DJ. I’ve done a fair few festivals in the UK and have just finished touring around France. I run an EDM Record Label also.

I offer several different services which are designed to help you out with kickstarting your music career.

The services that I offer currently are:

1. I will add your song to my 1200+ listener label radio for 6 months (this means that the radio will keep the song on the playlists for 6 months). Click here to view Gig

2. I will send your song to 100 of the most influential record labels (including my own label's A&R team). Click here to view Gig

3. I will pseudo-master a well mixed track. (Although this isn't 100% professional mastering - it helps to send a good quality demo to a record label).Click here to view Gig

4. I will mix 10 tracks of your choice into 1 mp3 for a DJ Set performance. Click here to view Gig

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries about the services - I will be more than happy to explain! :)