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Starting prices in listings show higher prices than they actually are


Please check your gigs in the listings and see if your starting prices shown are correct.
My gigs shown start at $70 or $75.

edit: a few minutes later they have corrected. Temporary bug? Or another experiment?


I haven’t seen that. I’m surprised it’s happening in your category. I suppose this could hurt your sales.


Yes and I assume that’s what the problem has been lately with less sales. It’s not normal at all for me to go all day without even one message.


Ironically, some folks believe higher prices attract more orders. I’ve seen sellers with big queues with both lower and much higher prices than me. However, some higher-price sellers are driving traffic without Fiverr, so I take their views with a grain of salt.


I see one there with $600 starting price and not one review. Seems like they may be a while getting a sale. And I also notice one who has his level on his gig image. That’s not allowed.


Yes, the $600 seller is overconfident or maybe too proud to work for less. The man who’s always arguing with me, charges $30 to $175.

There is a woman who charges $100 to $300, she has 200 reviews, so I don’t know if these were always her prices or if she increased them over time.

My goal is to make $50 a day, If I could make that happen with a starting price of $20, $30, or $50, I would. My experience is that orders simply die. That’s why I follow the market.


When I first raised my prices on January 1 of this year, I had the same number of orders for that month and for February, as I did all of 2017.

I see the one starting at $100. I can’t see why they would be able to get that much.

edit: CS said it’s not an experiment the site is doing on the prices shown so they don’t know what is going on.


I wonder what would happen if instead of showing the lowest prices, they showed the highest prices. Would this encourage customers to be less price conscious? Or simply hurt those who have a very high price for premium with a very low price for basic?

Personally, I think it makes sense showing the low price first. No retailer advertisers their highest price.