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Starting to get a bit worried


So the whole “My gig has been removed for no reason I am so angry” post is nothing new, and in most cases they had been removed for a very good reason, usually due to the TOS violation.

Recently though, I think I’m seeing more posts about gigs being removed, mainly because the writing/proofreading gigs were seen as those “I’ll do your homework for you” gigs.

It’s starting to worry me since many of those sellers say that they only offer proofreading and they clearly stated that they will never do homework for others, yet they got their gigs removed.

I offer translation, it makes me wonder if my gig ( and all the other translators too) will be removed because it IS possible that someone might trick me into doing their Japanese class homework for them…and Fiverr might see those translation gig as a potential problem.

Just saying…


I wouldn’t worry. This doesn’t apply to all such gigs but what I have noticed is that many are basically worded as ‘I will write anything gigs’ and most sellers who have had gigs remove do seem to have had buyers ask them to write homework and commit to similar projects previously. (Even if sellers themselves haven’t agreed to do so).

If you remember, there was a crackdown on SEO gigs and backlink gigs. A lot of my gigs are based around SEO but are clearly nothing to do with the type of services which were being banned. The key is to not create generic gigs. If you write copywriting, say you do. Article writing, say you do. Say you do ‘writing,’ however, and that could be anything including homework. Also, for better search visibility, it is better to create gigs which are not generic sounding in nature.


They’re removing those gigs maybe because of PewDiePie’s previous statement or review of Fiverr. I saw the video and he was surprised to see gigs offering homework answer or school paper requirements. Answering one’s homework in school is really wrong. It is cheating. And I would understand if Fiverr remove such gigs as it is for everyone’s good. But if it’s purely writing or proofreading, I think it shouldn’t be removed.


can you get me the link to that? I mean the Fiverr Review


I think it’s still searchable on YouTube