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Starting to get upset for not selling anything

Hey everyone, i hope you all doing fine.
My name is wadah and I’m a new seller in fiverr i joined fiverr about 2 or 3 weeks ago and i didn’t get nither a single message nor an order, my gig’s view is stuck on 20 for 3 or 4 days. Idk if this is what suppose to be for a new seller or i have some kind of a problem with my gig, anyhow i feel disappointed right now, would you please inform me with your experience in fiverr and how you overcome this problem and get to your first sale.
Thank you :slight_smile:


start marketing of your gigs.


Stay active for 15 hours at Fiverr. Sent bayer reques.

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I’m not sure if staying active for 15 hours will help him with that, but sending offers on buyers requests might be helpful if written as atractive as possible (realistic though) for the potential buyer.


Thank you, and i will.

Thank you my friend, i hope everything get better

Thank you for your answer, i will definitely try that. Wish you all the best

If you already feel disappointed after few weeks on Fiverr then freelancing isn’t for you.


I know that freelancing requires alot of patience because there is million other offering the same service, so getting an offer need patience and to be different from others, the whole thing that i wanted to know if everybody else started like this or there is problem with me so i can mark that off and wait for my order :slight_smile:

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I think lots of sellers have been in your shoes. Our forum’s own Vickiespencer had to wait the best part of 2 months for her first order. I recently saw a thread written by somebody who had to wait 8 months for theirs!!


Thank you for clearing this to me, your answer was satisfying, thanks again