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Starting to give up!

I did everything I could and yet I’m getting no orders?

Could you take a look at my gig and tell me if its missing something? I need opinions, please.


Your profile looks good but I do think the fact you say you’re a student might put some people off. You don’t need to mention this.

Also, why say you’re a part-time designer? You’re a designer (not part-time)!


I had no idea people don’t go for undergraduates. I will update my description. Thank you so much for your helpful and supportive advice

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I had a Application gig once…never worked well and I paused it forever.
You need add more gigs with more skills…!
your current gig has only one Low resolution Portfolio image when you still can add 2 more images and 2 more PDFs to show your skill…

I saw your packages…Standard package offers up to 7 screens for $20 and Premium offers up to 15 for $50 ? I would buy 2 standard then and manage 1 screen some how ! ( set price accordingly )

Also offering unlimited revision is not a good idea…offer 2-7 would be good I guess !


I will work on that. Thank you so much for the helpful advice.

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Despite what some people think, Fiverr is a professional marketplace.

There’s nothing wrong with saying you’re a student, but in my humble opinion people will be less likely to buy from you - thinking you’re still training, practising, not quite the finished article, etc.


yes i also go for giving up
because my payment issue

Rather than give up, why not ask yourself why some people succeed on Fiverr when others don’t? There are many people who make a full-time living out of Fiverr, there are also those who haven’t had a single order in an entire year. Something separates them. Discovering what that ‘something’ is is the key to being successful.


I think that key is made out of element 117 from the Periodic table.

It is a mystery why some succeed some don’t.

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If this is the reason why you think of giving up then freelancing is not the best choice for you.

You are giving up and you haven’t even started.

Yeah, I fully agree with you, but at the same time I can tell you that something is going wrong with fiverr right now, as even some TRS and Level 2 sellers are not receiving orders, so there’s something going on for sure
Are you getting new clients, or only completing works of your previous clients since the past 1 month?

i started well
but the issue of my first withdraw

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I dont think !
I had to turn on OUT OF OFFICE mode 4th time in same month ( I mean last 30 days ) because I keep being overloaded with lots of work !
Although march and and half of April was dead !

Good for you, I see you have 5-6 orders in queue, but maybe I am not sure, niche depends
Because during lockdown people are at home and playing more games, that means new people would need their games to be developed and launched, so that can be the reason too…
However, Congrats on your immense success

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I have seen your gig and its looks quite well managed and fine though there are few things I noticed

  1. You wrote in your description that you are a part-timer. Though its good that you are being very honest with your buyers but i think your description doesn’t actually require that your state that you are a part timer.

  2. Well i believe every niche is unique and some gigs require that your prices should be kept a little higher but in your case (as you are a newbie) the prices you have put are way too high.Try reducing your prices a little bit

Here are a few tips to try if you haven’t tried already

A) I think you might be missing upon some very important point i.e marketing and advertising of your gig. Share your gig on your social media so you might end up getting some potential buyers there as well

B) Use buyer requests effectively. consider sending buyer requests in more professional way by showing your interest in the buyer’s concern and try to give him/her a roadmap of how will you be helping them

C) Have a good look at the keywords/search tags you have used. You should consider using search tags which are low in competition and relevant to your gig as well. You can consider the search tags of your competitor sellers in this regard

D) Last by not the least “Have patience and Don’t ever loose Hope” . If you have done enough with your gig, you would start receiving messages soon and you would get on the road

Hope for your success and good luck


About the price part, don’t low prices indicate low quality? My prices are average I think I didn’t go way too high.

I like your positive attitude

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Same! Very enthusiastic and supportive.

hi i saw your profile there have only one gig, i remember that at first you need publish 7 gig for going your goal

By lowering the price i meant that one should bring the price to an optimum level depending on what services he/she is offering (neither too low nor too high) . Anyways you are a better judge whether your prices are optimum or not

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