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Starting to lose my great expectations!

It’s almost my first week out in Fiverr, and I know it’s not that long and I’m just at the beginning.
I’m starting to lose hopes, and I’m not sure if the time I spend daily and the effort I put in my gigs and profile is really worth it and will come back with a profit finally.
I always read articles about how we should be patient and wait for that day when bang bang!! orders start rollin’ over, but will that day ever come?!
I get a decent amount of impressions and clicks. I advertise my gigs on social media and I get a decent amount of social clicks, However; I didn’t have a single order since then.
People click my profile, and I don’t know why they leave without even contacting me to ask about an offer or anything!
I would appreciate any help or tips.

Sooo… what exactly are you offering that is different than others in your field? Why should I click you YOUR gig about translating Arabic to English and not the other 1764 gigs being offered?

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I was on Fiverr for 45 days before my first sale. From the day I finished my first gig until I sold my first gig I visited the Forum daily to learn as much as I could to improve my gigs. Even after I made my first sale I continued to tweak them so they would be the best that they could be. Now 12 months later, I have completed over 200 orders. Fiverr is not a place for the impatient.

@lucycodex made a good point with this statement. Your competition is those other 1746 gigs. Look at them to see why the more successful ones stand out but do not copy the wording they use. That is against the TOS. Be original! Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


My previous employer’s first sale came after 2 months of gig creation, he told me that he lost hopes in Fiverr and was trying to find way on other websites but suddenly one day out of the blue he got a client’s message and that client gave him first 10-12 orders which helped him to grow,

You should add multiple gigs, learn new things you can do and find out what other sellers are offering, this isn’t that hard for someone who is even slightly lucky.


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It can take even months to for the first sale. You can keep working hard and also use buyer request to attarctive the potential buyer. Once you get your first few orders you will start to gain more confidence and you will surely have a bright future on Fiverr.

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