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Starting to think Fiverr Sucks

Made 3 orders in one day 3 different people for the same type gig and havent heard from any as of yet and they all promised finish in 1-3 days



and it is only $5…

Are y sure your gigs are active?

When did you order?

I don’t know about other sellers but I will not read a gig until it comes to the time that I actually need to work on it.

Reply to @kjblynx: I agree with every word you wrote in this post.

As for the sales, you only need to worry if their timeframe expires and you do not hear a word from them. In case this happens, you can always ask them about the progress of your order. If all this fails to work, you have the power of cancelling the gig whenever you want to :slight_smile:

They’re probably getting to work, just because you haven’t heard from them doesn’t mean they’re slacking off or not going to deliver.

I never write to buyers if they place an order, if they want to talk to me, they can message me. If I have everything I need, I’ll get straight to work :slight_smile:

You could ask them for an update, although (coming from a Sellers point of view) this can get annoying. It says 1 - 3 days, so give them that.

Next time order Express Delivery if you’re in a rush to get it.

kjblynx said:
mellewis_1 said: and it is only $5...
Don't think like this ... just don't do it. The moment anyone starts thinking like this is the moment they start failing in excellent customer service and their work ethic drops considerably. Though this is $5, it isn't "Only Five Dollars" ... it is your reputation to continue selling, your ability to prove yourself, and your paycheck. That one $5 order that you skimped on or couldn't complete could turn into hundreds of lost orders.

He could be a buyer helping the other buyer put things into perspective not a seller being arrogant.

Fiverr is no longer $5 community but i still think same way. Recently most of my orders were in range of $20 to $50 and i never ask seller to do too much for $5. I rather offer them more to do good Job. Many sellers here are so ignorant. One guy made me wait for 9 days and then proudly cancelled order. He refunded doesn’t mean good (he has to) he wasted my 10 days for nothing and i had to start from scratch that is really pissing.

I am thinking to stop using this service from now on. Good bye!

Reply to @awebus:

I’ve had similar experiences. I’ve asked people for quotes and they never followed up (never meaning their saying “I’ll get back with you today” and 5 days later still no response from them). I have been lucky not to get angry about it yet. It’s just not that serious for me…I am usually contracting work for my own purposes which can have an indefinite timetable for completion. I view it as their loss and I move on without little more thought about the person. There are some really professional sellers on Fiverr. It’s just that (like anywhere else in life) sometimes you get rockstars, and sometimes your get duds.

I now know how my car mechanic feels. I use to send a thank you message when someone placed an order but now i find it hard to do it now because of all the orders i receive everyday. But their are those who send like 12 messages and i have had a few want to cancel because i have not message them back in like 10 min. My favorite is when people send me a message that is answered in the gig description.

First, I think Fiverr old communication system was far superior to the new Fiverr, but for this purpose I want to ask, “after placing the order, did you follow through with instructions”.

That happens in my case quite a bit. A buyer buys my gig and they think they are done. Not quite yet. If you don’t provide instructions on the order page, your gig will be in limbo and Fiverr won’t send it to the seller to work on. It happens, not sure that is your case, but you may want to check.