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Starting to worry... can someone critic me please?

I did a new Gig this Saturday and optimized it to what I thought was good URL, title, keywords, tags, etc. I have been posting to FB groups and other social media. I am offering a value no one else is for logo intro animations with 24 given for only $5. I am even offering to give away a free logo intro with business name in place of the logo as a sample… again, for FREE!

I guess none of this matters if people are not clicking on or seeing the gig though. I was off for 2 years from Fiverr and have just now come back to it and started a new Gig because the paused ones’ reviews are so old, plus was worried they maybe would not show in searches because of how long they were paused.

Well anyways, my new Gig is not showing up 26 pages deep in “Intros and Animations” sub-niche on recommended or new. I did a search for “logo intro” (my main keywords) and went 26 pages deep too… still it does not show.

Could I be blackballed for being away for so long? I am still a level 2 seller, but it says I am up for eval today and without any buyers, I am afraid I may be dropped from level 2 to level 1; and even still as level 2 my gig is missing from niche and search.

Can some of you look at my Gig to see if I did anything that might be affecting it negatively? I have read many tutorials and tried following all their tips but I am worried. My Gig is at and would appreciate any tips or knowledge from people here in the know. Thanks

P.S. I don’t know if I am allowed to put the address up here, I did not post it to spam or for sales; just for criticising, but will remove it if it should not be here on the post.

Contact CS and ask them to list your gig. Besides, offering so much for so low price makes your service unreliable and a lot of buyers will be suspicious that is a scam. If you don’t value your work, how can you expect others will do it?

What if you allowed them to select 1 out of the 24?. Instead of selling them 24 when they might only want 1. That way it might emphasize the quality more. Since most businesses/people would only want about one for their logo, selecting one of them might emphasize the quality of each one, that it is worth more than 1/24th of $5.

Your gig is awful. I haven’t visited it but $5 for 24 intros has stolen from Envato written all over it. I might be wrong. However, even if you are selling a legitimate self created product, you are only going to attract bottom of the barrel buyers who make your life a misery.

Do something well, create a gig for that something. If you do two things well, create two gigs. What you are doing now is just cramming lots of what is presumably garbage into a desperate plea for $5. Its ugly and needs completely rethinking.


The 24 for 5 bucks is a limited time only. One of the top gigs in the niche is doing 20 for 5. Right now I am working for reviews, then will lower the number offered and/or increase the price. I wanted critics not accusatory bullying. Every tutorial out there says to offer more than your competitors in the beginning, which is what I am doing.

Besides, I don’t see how lowering the amount of intros done would help me show up in the searches when it should have by now anyways.

One of the top gigs in the niche is doing 20 for 5

But are they actually selling 20 different logos for $5 in that gig or is it the more expensive package that they are selling the 20 logos in? Also are the 20 logos from videohive in their gig (and if they are, they likely are losing money or not paying for the proper license for them)?

Basically selling >20 logos for $5 will lower the perceived quality of your intros I think, when if they want to use an intro for the logo on youtube or wherever they’d want to be more consistent and use the same approx one each time for each of their videos.

1 Like is their Gig. It offers 20 for 5 bucks including hd, custom colors, music, overlay text, etc. I don’t know how they do it. The actual URL they used is confusing though. But right now they have 5323 reviews, 5 star avg, and 6 in Q.

I do charge extra for overlay text for instance in my extras, it is a $10 add on which has custom text boxes that come on screen at end of each intro with up to 3 links to their website, social media, etc… it is the same on all my intros.

Those 20 logo intro templates will cost about $400 in total though if bought legitimately by the seller. Is it really worthwhile to sell 20 for $5 (of which the seller gets $3) and with all the render time etc? You’d need to sell about 133 orders to break even, ignoring electricity etc. computer costs etc. And most people who want an intro on youtube etc. would only want 1.

Also, if yours are more unique and you want to emphasize quality, surely selling a lot less than 20 may emphasize the quality and uniqueness of each a lot more.

On my main PC, of which I have 5; I have 32 logo intro compositions made sitting inside one with a script I made that allows me to change the logo on 1, and it changes them all. If they want custom colors or the text overlay or BG music changes those are extras (also aided with scripts to change 1 and it changes them all, but it adds a little to my time). Running that script and rendering them all takes 35 total minutes into HD output. Still not great for $5 considering other work I do, but as I said, I am trying to stand out for reviews in the beginning. Those other guys are not charging more for the extras, and that I dont understand because even with a script it takes time for individual customization for only that same $5. I have a few thousand templates I have bought and sold and hold licenses for (not all logos of course) AND have sold many logo templates to Envato and other places myself.

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No problem it was just a suggestion (for selling around 1 out of the 24 instead of 24 for $5). It’s not necessary if you don’t want to.

If your gig is never showing in the search engine, you could create a support ticket and notify CS about the issue, and maybe they’ll ensure it does.

I don’t know how they do it

Maybe they have a team working on it and have a system in place where one of the team can quickly add the logo & text to each composition and hit render. Or maybe each of the 20 logos is split between team members or they render each of the 20 simultaneously (with either a render farm (such as network of computers rendering it)/rendergarden type script?). My guess if they have a network of computers doing it.

Maybe, it’s baffling. I have collected templates for over 9 years, some logo ones would render in a few seconds and I do have some that take a bit longer. A lot longer actually. Some of the Element 3D 2.0 logos or openers can take upwards of 3 hours for like 20 seconds. NO WAY I could do those for $5, lol. But I was hoping to increase a client base here on Fiverr I could then go back to happy customers and offer some of the more elegant and custom intros or videos we can do. 2 years ago I was charging 200 for some of the custom videos we do. Will check in the morning and if it STILL isn’t showing in any niches or searches, I will contact CS and maybe unpause an old one and update a gig from 2 years ago and see if it makes any differences.

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