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Starting up a chat-type service?

I often find myself crossing messages with my buyers who are online the same time as me - so messages would get sent at the same time etc.

I think setting up some kind of “live chat” service would be quite beneficial - obviously this would be harder to moderate from a CS point of view, but it could be made available once you’ve had a sale with the buyer. I think it would cut out a lot of waiting time to hear back, and the buyer can easily see when you’re online or not, and you can also see when they’re online (good for asking for feedback/if the delivery is okay etc.).

yeah chat type service is a good idea

Hello lunabea,
I spend many hours a day answering messages.
Only if I could charge by the minute would it work for me due to how busy messaging keeps me.

The messaging system is almost like a (written) live chat system. You even see that “xxx is writing…” message when having a conversation. And Fiverr already shows when a user is online.

If you mean a voice chat, I don’t think is would be a good idea. Words are gone with the wind, and there would be lots of misunderstandings, scams (“I said X”, “No, you said Y”,…).
I rather have everything I say and sellers say in written form.