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Startup Experiments on Fiverr.. or how I became a $5 mentor

About a year ago, I registered on Fiverr, where you are able to sell your skills starting 5 dollars. I decided to offer my job for startups and people who had ideas, so I sent some bullet points upon their requests as a hint to proceed.
Exceptional money making was not the target of course, because if I spend only one hour for one single question, it takes six-seven hours to make the average Hungarian salary (around 1000 dollars before tax). Least to say, I would have to invest four-five times more on marketing, to promote my service and have proper
number of clients come and go.

So this was only an experiment.
However, I used to work with tons of Hungarian and other start-ups, entrepreneurs and think tanks from the CEE region, I was interested in other continent’s ideas and problems. It was also a question for me, that with my CEE knowledge, if I was able to help in global cases or not, and if the answer was yes, would there be positive outcome measure?

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Hungarian is an extraordinarily complex language. If you’re already in the business of helping businesses, why not position yourself as a Hungarian expert? Help non-Hungarian businesses to tap into the Magyar Market etc. Don’t forget to flash your contact list.