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Statement of Earnings

Hi, I need a statement of earnings from fiverr to show to my local bank. There are some fields in the request form which I don’t know what to fill with. Kindly help. Has anyone received this before?
Does it include any kind of signature?

The fields I need help with are:

“VAT” field because I am a solo freelancer. How do I get this?
“Statement of earnings” field. What to write in this field?

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Hi, I also need help in this regards. Did you find any solution?

Same problem. Bank was asking for proof of income. Did you find anything helpful related to this issue??

The only reason I can think of that a bank would want proof of income is in the case of a loan. I’ll not ask why you want to take on debt, since that is off topic and I can get really frustrated, but if you need proof of income try screenshots of the information in the “Earnings” tab.

Actually, ask the bank first if it needs to be an official ‘statement of earnings’, because most don’t see self-employed as a viable/stable source of income for loans.

people shouldn’t just guess if they don’t know it, official statement of earning is required with your name given on your id and address for opening a free lance remittance account .

Otherwise known as a business account?
Thank you for providing this information. It’s what I was missing concerning the reason for needing the statement.

That said, I would think a freelancer can just open a plain secondary account and just label it ‘for business only’ in their personal records. I get that special permissions are granted with specialized accounts, but I don’t know what they are, and it isn’t worth the headache if you’re brand-new to freelancing and just need a second account for business purposes.