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Static VS Dynamic IP / which to use for multiple accounts under same network?

Here we are 3 to 4 freelancer were using Fiverr under the same network with a Dynamic IP network connection. Suddenly after some problem with the internet connection our internet provider fixed the connection and set up it again as a static IP network.

Anything there that we will be having the problem with? Which one to use Dynamic or Static IP?

Siam Mahmud

Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Three to four? So, three-point-five freelancers? Mostly teasing, but I will caution you that Fiverr takes multiple-account infractions very seriously, and you should probably contact CS immediately if the three or four of you don’t want to risk being banned. Multiple freelancers sharing an IP is possible, but risky unless you contact CS first so that they know ahead of time.

I can also tell you now, that you’ll probably be told it’s permitted AS LONG AS you don’t offer the same or even similar services. This was given to another Seller in a similar situation: