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Why is it that NO ONE has a $5 gig. Why even bother advertising as a Fiverr when no one will help for $5.

Kudos to everyone who tutored and didn’t facilitate cheating! Thank you for taking the high ground. I’ve worked with doctors that I know I could’ve driven circles around while blindfolded. As a patient advocate, I sometimes had to explain to some MD why the med he just ordered was potentially lethal to his patient who was already on an incompatible med. Or suggest the correct labs that should be ordered. And I always wondered if these were “bottom-of-the-class-ers” who paid to have their homework and papers done, and who got others to cover their a$$es in clinical. Really, by taking a stand, offering to teach, not “do”, you help all the other people who might be affected because someone got a degree who shouldn’t. Thank you~

Maybe you are asking for too much for the price. It’s called Fiverr, but no one is going to do ten pages of a college statistics assignment for $5. $5 may just cover one problem and you have to pay $5 per question.

Because we don’t want to be poor? lol

Hate to tell you this but doing stuff that you should be charging hundreds for for 5 dollars is a horrible feeling…makes you feel like a 50 cent whore sometimes…but given the choice between that or not eating…so yeah please pardon out lack of enthusiasm to work for only 5 dollars

You’re asking for help…for homework?

One thing I refuse to do is someone’s homework (which I got a lot of requests for when I had my editing gig up). The homework is to help you learn how to do things YOURSELF. So hop to it.

And I know it seems like everyone wants more than $5, but what exactly are you looking for? I’m thinking you’re wanting a lot of work done and are disappointed that no one will take on the amount of work you have for just $5. No one wants to be a slave. Be prepared to pay someone what the work is worth, not just the cheapest you can get away with.

Perhaps because what you are asking for is worth way more than $5.00?

Hey, did you know that teachers and professors aren’t stupid? They know that some students cheat by buying homework and papers off the internet, and guess what? They know how to find them, too! So don’t be too surprised if you get flunked because you hand in homework you paid someone else to do, and get caught.

Imagine how embarrassing THAT would be, getting kicked out of college or flunked out of class for cheating, and you only spent 5 bucks! Look on the bright side: that’s a lot to lose for very little money!

And, here’s another little factoid: EMPLOYERS know how to check on these things, too!

Statistics isn’t an easy subject to help with. It probably has to do with your wording and or what you are asking for.

Instead of checking here, try checking at your school for assistance with this subject. If everyone you’re asking is bogged down, head to the library for a book or two on the subject. Or… explore tutoring sites that have individuals that specialize in an array of math subjects.

Stats is rough, and since the problems are so detailed, I can’t see a single gig paying for it. I used to do econ homework for people, 1 gig per question, extras for graphs and stuff. Then somebody bought help for a fairly complex game theory question, and I had to cancel it so I burned that gig.

If you’re going to college, do your own homework. it was assigned for a reason

Reply to @johnnewland: Sounds like something I did a year ago. I didn’t do the homework for them but did offer to help with any problems they were having.