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Stats automatically going down

I have recently been seeing a one percent decrease in my stats gradually, i.e. after everyday one of the stat would go down by one percent. I am not doing anything differently and I have been delivering orders on time.

Are my stats affected if I change the delivery time on the gigs? I have been using Fiverr for around a year but I didn’t face this problem before, so I am not sure if me changing my gigs delivery time could affect the stats.

Once your rating, delivery time and response rate decreased then your impressions also will decrease.

Welcome to one of the oldest bugs on the site. (Since at-least 2013)
Fiverr’s website is probably out of sync again. (Like how a lot of us have no dashboard, right now)
Contact CS, tell them. They will “reset your account” (what they call it) That usually fixes it for a few months, then you get to do it all over again…

I have contacted CS a few times regarding this and every time I contact them I have been told it’s because the stats are reset after every two months. This is quite frustrating as I can already see the decrease in orders from new customers this month.

Were you ever told the same thing? How did Fiverr CS reset your account in the end?

Yes, I can see that my gig performance has been decreased. I am receiving orders but mostly from customers I have already worked with and the number of new queries has also decreased significantly.

Did you ever face this issue? How did you resolve it?

I don’t know “how” they did it, they just did.

Of course, my statement above works on the assumption you haven’t messed up on service in the past few months.
One single late response, delivery, etc, and you can basically forget about any business for two months, and a long haul to get everything back where it was. Because they really put the screws to you for a late delivery/response to “teach you a lesson”. I’m not saying it’s right, it’s just how it is.

I delivered a few gigs late last month but ever since then I have been delivering all orders regularly, and when I delivered those gigs late my delivery rate did go down. I am not sure why it’s decreasing again now, when I am delivering all orders on time.

Yup, you’re -=insert expletive of choice here=-'d
Nothing you can do about it. You’re pretty much out of business from new customers until the 2-months from your last late delivery. You might get a few repeat buyers, but about all you can do it mark the date of your last late delivery on the calendar and wait it out. If you’re dependent on Fiverr for income, I’d look elsewhere until that date. They’re “teaching you a lesson” for being late.

Yes, seems like I am actually in a pretty bad situation here. I was getting more orders when I was delivering the orders late than I am getting now.

I just went through it myself, and it wasn’t even my fault.
I had 2 “buyers” uploaded the same ransomware script as a “voiceover script” on the same day, when I reported it to CS, they cancelled the orders and deleted the users’ accounts.

However, because CS cancelled the order, it sent my stats on a downward spiral for 2 months. I’m just now starting to recover to where I was 5 months ago.

That’s why, when I say look elsewhere for income these next few months if you need too, I’m talking from experience.

Yeah, It’s quite a frustrating situation honestly, I have spoken to CS about it a few times before but to no end. There have been certain order cancellations that weren’t even my fault. I am sure it was the same with you.

Also, thank you for the advice!